Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL)

Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is a self-directed option for eligible home support clients. CSIL clients receive funds directly from their local health authority to purchase their own home support services. CSIL clients become employers who manage all aspects of their home support from hiring and supervising staff to overseeing how CSIL funds are spent.

CSIL may be suitable if you have a significant physical disability and desire more control and flexibility in managing your home support services. To be eligible for services, you must also be unable to function independently because of chronic, health-related problems or have health care conditions that require care due to one or more of the following: You have recently been discharged from an acute care hospital; you require care to prevent or reduce the need for hospital or emergency department services or admission to a residential care facility, or you have a life-limiting illness.

If you are interested in receiving CSIL services or know of someone who might be in need of these services, you can contact Vernon Community Care at 250.541.2200

Details: Choice in Supports for Independent Living