Fair Pharmacare is financial coverage for eligible prescription drugs, devices and medical supplies is based on your net family income: the lower the income, the more financial assistance in paying for eligible drugs and supplies.  (If you do not register, you still have coverage, but your deductible is set at $10,000 for each member of your family.)  

Registration for Fair PharmaCare is free, and there are no premiums.  Register by telephone, online or using a paper form.  Information needed is as follows:

-Personal Health Number (from your BC Services Card)

-Birth Date

-Social Insurance Number

-Net income from Line 236 of your income tax return from two years ago

-Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) income on Line 125 of your income tax return from two years ago.  RDSP income is deducted from net income to calculate a person's level of Fair PharmaCare coverage.

Upon registration, PharmaCare will mail a consent form to allow PharmaCare to check the registrant's income with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Sign and return the consent form right away.

For more information including what is covered, please visit the website:  (enter "Pharmacare" in Search)

To register:

Phone (toll-free): 1 800 663-7100